American Capitol Painting

Painting and Murals

American Capitol Painting not only paints residential interiors and exteriors but also paints captivating murals. However, their old website did very little to represent their unique services and high-quality service. American Capitol turned to Xillion to create a one-of-a-kind website to inspire their customers, differentiate them from the competition, and showcase their beautiful murals in an unforgettable way.



I asked for a website, I got a unique work of art!

I was searching for a reputable web designer to create a site for my painting company in order to increase my internet sales. Little did I know what I had stumbled upon. Matt’s people skills and design work are truly extraordinary. He made me feel comfortable right from our initial telephone conversation. And after our first meeting to discuss design options, it was clear I was dealing with a consummate professional.

After working with Matt for a short time, I began, in casual conversation, to ask around the greater Hartford business community about Xillion’s reputation. One business owner I spoke with assured me that in her professional opinion, “Matt is one of the top ten web designers in the state of CT.” Based on the work he created for me, I fully agree. He was timely and educational in his approach. And the site he made is clean, classy, and effective. I would match my new website up against any of the top rated sites you will find on the web today. If you are in the market for a great website, I highly recommend Xillion Premium Websites!

Frank Sinicrope
American Capitol Painting

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