BHB Mailing Services

Mailing and Fulfillment

BHB Mailing Services is a mailing and fulfillment company that has been in operation for over 40 years. Although they are well known for their excellent customer service, their five year old website did not adequately reflect the quality of their business. Xillion created a new website for them with a design that portrayed both their unique character and exceptional quality. Complete with eye-catching animation, convincing case-studies and testimonials, and great graphics, BHB Mailing is now proud to send prospects and customers to their new website.



Xillion is truly professional.  In our initial conversation we talked about web sites.  My desire was to have a site which conveyed who I was and what my business was all about.  It was important to me that my site was easy to navigate and provided pertinent information regarding my business.  By directing specific questions to me, Xillion easily picked up on what I wanted and how I wanted it to be displayed.  Offering suggestions and ruling out some, a format was created. I was so impressed with the first round of designs that we didn't even need any changes! They listened to my fears on the ‘technological changes’ which had to take place and assured me they would take care of all of the behind the scene work that had to be done. 

This was done flawlessly. The finished product exceeded my expectations!

Barbara Barry
BHB Mailing Services


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