Connecticut Closings

Real Estate Closings in Connecticut

Many people do not know that it is required by law for an attorney be present at the closing of any real estate in Connecticut. Connecticut Closings is a company that specializes in property closings in Connecticut and in helping individuals, mortgage brokers, and title companies from out-of-state. Xillion created this website to help promote their services nationally around the USA and to dramatically increase their market. This site includes two unique features: a Content Management System (CMS) which allows the clients unlimited access to login and edit their own site and an interactive FAQ section on the homepage.



We first hired Xillion because they were in a networking group with me.  We had tried another firm, and had been disappointed with the timeliness, design, and cost and so we had terminated them.

Xillion showed me samples of their past work, and their depth of experience and formal training ... They delivered a high quality service in all three areas of timeliness, design and cost.  We are delighted with his service and, of course, the website that they designed.

John Deans


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