Preferred Arms

Weapons Rental for Theater and Film Productions

Preferred Arms is a company that rents guns, swords, and other props for theater and movie productions across the United States. Although they had a website with many pages, it was difficult to navigate and did little to reflect their character and exceptional level of service. Xillion created not only a new website, but also a new logo and an entirely new design - a design that is reminiscent of the posters and movie credits seen in the films their clients produce. The more professional design will not only inspire more confidence in its shoppers but will also inspire its customers to imagine bigger and bolder films and plays. The new website is not only easier for customers to navigate but also far easier for Preferred Arms to maintain.



I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work and the patience you exhibited in redesigning our company’s website. After our initial conversation I was convinced that your company should do our design and you have been incredibly accessible and easy to work with from the very beginning of what was, to me, a rather daunting undertaking. When I first created our website years ago I knew very little about web design and it showed; it was acceptable but no more. After studying the site you were very honest and open about what could be improved without over-emphasizing the many mistakes I made during that process. I felt that you took a great personal interest in the project, offering a keen and objective eye for how our site would be used by our customers, even searching the internet with me to find aspects of sites that I liked and those that I wanted to avoid. I was always confident in your assessment and subsequent advice.

Ours is not a large company and yet you made me feel that we were every bit as important as Xillion’s largest client...and maybe a bit more. As far as value or “bang for the buck” we could not be more pleased; we really feel that we got a fantastic bargain...much more than we paid for. Everyone who has seen the new site has been blown away by the improvement and the sleek, professional look you created. I can only hope that our competitors don’t come to you for help!

Thank you once again,
Robb Hunter
Preferred Arms Theatrical Weapons

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