Reformed University Fellowship (R.U.F.) at UCONN

A Christian Campus Fellowship Group

RUF is a Christian fellowship group with chapters around the country. Although, RUF does supply basic websites for their chapters, the group at UCONN wanted a site that was a little more customizable and had a little more flair. We created the design, built the site, and set it up to so that the client would be able to update their own site.



The website Xillion designed for our campus ministry has made a big impact.  For many of our incoming freshmen, our website is their first encounter with us.  We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to it, and many students have told us the website intrigued them and caught their attention enough to come check our ministry out.  I also have had a very positive experience with the staff of Xillion.  They have been helpful, attentive, inventive and effective.  Thank you, Xillion!

Rev. Joseph Pensak
R.U.F. Campus Minsiter, UCONN

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