Trinamore Property Management

Property Management Company

Trinamore is a Connecticut-based property management company. Although they had been working on creating their own website, they decided that it would be more effective use of their time and money to hire a professional website development company. Xillion's new website far exceeded their expectations of an 'online brochure site' and will now help to prequalify their prospects, streamline their appointment setting, and eliminate calls for maintenance requests. In addition to all this, the new site should help them convince more property owners to use their services. All of these website features were developed in order to streamline their business and help it grow.



I asked Xillion to create a professional website for my property management company. They delivered an outstanding, exciting site, incorporated ALL the details I requested and several interactive features that I didn't realize were possible. In addition, they had several great contacts that I needed in order to complete the website's content and logo design.

They are effective, conscientious, intelligent and very creative - I have, and will continue to, recommend them highly!

Pamela A. Hoidge
Trinamore Property Management, LLC


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