Dr. Gene Wichmann, D.M.D.


Dr. Gene Wichmann runs a dental practice in Plainville, Connecticut. Although he had wanted to 'get on the web' for a long time, he had been concerned about the cost and hassle of creating a new website. After meeting with Xillion, however, it became clear that a new website could not only streamline his appointment setting but also increase his customer base and grow his practice. Xillion created a new website that reflected the patients-first, comfortable, and caring atmosphere without the cookie-cutter and 'salesey' look of other dental websites.



"I'm one of those people who has to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Computer Age.  Further, I'm not a writer so I'll put this in plain English.

The bottom line is that Xillion not only nailed my website design in one shot but created something beyond what I had envisioned.  They are truly gifted.

The process started with a very relaxed basic informational discussion.  At this point I need to state that I am a dentist, so, I am very used to sales representatives of all sorts presenting their material to me.  This discussion was anything but a sales pitch.  What Xillion presented to me and showed me was arguably the most informative discussion I've ever had with a potential service provider for my office in 12 years practice.   When they left I felt quite comfortable with the subject of websites from a layman's perspective, educated and with a feeling that they wanted to really know what I and my office staff wanted from this.  Ultimately there was no sales pitch at all. 

From this and a few subsequent e-mails Xillion presented me with 3 options, one of which hit the proverbial nail on the head.  From the look of the initial trial it was very obvious that they had not only listened to me but had obtained an extremely good  and almost intuitive sense of me, my office and my office philosophy.

Ultimately, after ironing out the details, my website exceeds my expectations but really maintains the feel of my office (something very difficult to translate to something as abstract as a website).

I truly can't recommend Xillion highly enough.  It's been not only a pleasure but an honor to see someone this talented not only at work but creating something that I can truly say is how I want to present myself and office to the public.

With my highest regards and recommendation,"
Gene Wichmann, D.M.D.


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