Our Process

The Easiest Thing You've Ever Done


our process

Does the process of creating a website seem large and confusing? Relax. We'll take care of it so you don't have to. Here's how it's done in plain English - four easy steps to the business image you've always wanted.

Phase 1
Understanding Your Needs
The first step is to understand your business. We'll meet with you in person or over the phone to determine who your business is and how we can help you attract and retain customers. We'll discuss your current branding, your target audience, problems you would like solved, and your aspirations for your company. We'll give you a clear and concise statement of work outlining the project, costs, and timeline. After your approval, it's on to the second phase.

Phase 2
The Design Process
After reviewing the information collected in part one, we will create multiple designs for you. These designs will be posted to a staging website created specifically for you so that you can review the most current information about your project whenever you like. After you've reviewed the designs, we'll ask you specific question to obtain detailed feedback. Your feedback and suggestions will then be incorporated into one or two more rounds of designs until the final product is everything you wanted it to be.

Phase 3
Once the final design is approved, one of two things will happen. For printed marketing materials such as business cards, we will print the work and ship it to your doorstep.

For websites, we will build your website for you, incorporating the text and content you give us. As we work, we will ask for you feedback, working on the site until you are completely satisfied. We will provide quality testing as we build your site, ensuring that your website will work on all major browsers on both Windows and Macintosh computers. If you want, we will purchase your website address (domain name) and website storage (hosting) for you. Once the website is finished, we'll post it to the Internet. Your site will be live for the entire world to see.

Phase 4
Because we emphasis customer satisfaction and strong relationships, we will follow up to make sure you are completely satisfied. Your feedback is always appreciated as we seek to improve our company. If you need additional services, we will be glad to meet your needs.

Typically, the business and print materials can be created and printed in two to four weeks while websites take four to six weeks. However, these time tables can be adjusted easily to fit your needs.