Acorn Studio

Print Designer in Glastonbury, CT

Acorn Studio is a print and graphic design studio located in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Their website was several years old and needed to be updated with new portfolio samples and a more professional design. Xillion built them a brand new, twenty-seven page site with a stunning portfolio. The new website made better use of their existing branding by using their company colors and a much more memorable and unique design. This site will, in turn, serve as a great sales tool for impressing new prospects.



The talent and knowledge of Matt Billard assures that Xillion will create a unique web site for each client. I appreciated Matt's special diligence and effort to keep the job going on schedule so the site was up and running in even less time than I had anticipated. So often these kinds of projects get bogged down and take forever; I can attest that that won't happen if you parter with Xillion for your web site work. Matt is able to offer skills in both design and technology, to make sure the site looks good, works properly, and has been optimized for potential customers and clients to find you.

Mary Crombie
Acorn Studios

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