Selling Skills Institute

Boston Sales Coach

Charlie Anderson is a prominent sales coach in Boston. He had a website built for his Selling Skills Institute several years ago but wanted to leverage increasing attention from speaking engagements to build his customer base and grow his business. Xillion built a website with an online store to sell books and DVD's as well as a eNewsletter sign-up form. One of the most effective features of the site is the brief video that plays on the homepage. Visitors to the site have remarked how it quickly captured their attention and convinced them of Charlie's message.



Thank you for doing a great job on my website project.  I was very pleased with your professionalism and expertise. As you know, I work with lots of business people and I can honestly say that you are one of the best. You took the time to listen to what I wanted and designed a website that exceeded my expectations.

Charles Anderson
Selling Skills Institute


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